Capital Ships:Edit


  • Atlantis Frigate
  • Refit Atlantis Frigate
  • Pices Frigate
  • Refit Pices Frigate
  • Detu Dreadnaught
  • Trian Frigate
  • Closer Cruiser
  • Praxis Heavy Carrier
  • Deep Space Probe


  • FIghter
  • Bomber
  • Drone


  • Freedom Starbase

Orbital Structures:Edit


  • Neutrino Cannon
  • Orbital Mass Cannon
  • Orbital Missile Defense
  • Orbital AF Defense
  • Starlight Inhibitor
  • Orbital R&R Yard
  • Large Orbital Factory


  • Small Orbital Factory
  • Medium Orbital Factory
  • Clarious Military Research Station
  • Neo-point Research Station
  • Orbital Commerse Center
  • Subspace Comm. Array
  • Orbital Processing Station

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