Dragon Assault ClassEdit

Dragon Assualt Cruiser is the backbone capital ship of the Intarian fleet. Designed by the "Praxian Orbital Shipyard Design Room"

This ship has taken part in every major battle over the last half century and usually means the difference between victory and defeat in every battle.


  • 1 MK5 Capital Grade Mass Driver
  • 2 MK3 Cruiser Grade Mass Driver
  • 32 MK8 Tria Dual Railguns
  • 4 Missile Ports equipped with 1000 Cobra Missiles


  • 256 shield panel arrays


  • Primary Duneo Sub-light Fusion Drive
  • Secondary Chemical Drive
  • Vacuum Thrusters


  • MK 14 Translight-Starlight Drive

Secondary Systems:Edit

  • Kortosis FTL Comm. Array
  • Life support complex
  • Core computer matrix- Grade 5 AI capable
  • MK4 Anti-Matter Reactor x2